Specialization: Corporate and Company Law, Securities and Capital Market, Civil Law, General Practice

Marian graduated from the Faculty of Law of Palacký University in Olomouc in 2002. From 2004 to 2007, he worked as a corporate lawyer at the SYNOT holding, focusing on lottery law, real estate and the corporate agenda of a growing group of companies. At this time, he also provided legal services for the PENĚŽNÍ DŮM, spořitelní družstvo, where he mastered the basics of capital market law. In collaboration with the regional newspaper DOBRÝ DEN S KURÝREM, he focused on the right to protection of personality and legal revisions of published articles. In 2008, he started working as a trainee focusing on law in the field of international transport and the creation of Internet applications, including the standard agenda of civil, commercial, administrative and criminal law. As an independent lawyer, he was involved in the establishment of the DRFG investment group in 2011, and participated in establishment of its corporate structure and the legal setting of individual divisions, especially financial, real estate and energy. As a member of the Boršice municipal council, he also focuses on the law of territorial self-governing units and public administration in general. In his personal life, Marian devotes himself to his family and, if time allows, to travel, ideally combined with mountain biking or road cycling.

A law firm operating on a partnership basis with my colleagues is a guarantee for me that the the greatest specialist in the given legal area will be the one who is providing the services to the client. One lawyer cannot do everything, but a law firm offers a wider range of legal disciplines that can be fully and responsibly addressed. In addition, it is a certainty for me in the substitutability of a lawyer, which is especially important for ensuring continuous and error-free service for clients.

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