Other legal services (general practice)

We provide legal services for our important or long-term clients outside the main areas of our activity.

Protection of the interests and rights of the entrepreneur

For our important or long-term clients, we provide comprehensive legal services outside the main areas of our activity. We can address all their legal needs in the same quality in areas such as commercial, criminal, family or administrative law, either individually or in cooperation with proven experts on the issue we have a long-term cooperation with. We can thus ensure that the services are provided at the same high-quality level as directly from our office. We also offer our clients representation in all types of administrative or tax proceedings before the relevant authorities.

Asset management

We are part of an association of companies specializing in long-term asset management. We can advise you on how to properly set up the structure of your assets, provide the necessary contractual arrangements for its management and, in cooperation with companies specializing in financial management, investment and asset management, ensure its long-term management to maximize the value of assets under management.

We have many years of experience in creating, structuring and optimizing holding structures. We cooperate with leading Czech tax advisors and other experts necessary for the optimal setting of these structures from a legal and tax point of view.

For this purpose, we cooperate in close cooperation with BullToro s.r.o. and especially with its executive Ing. Miroslav Maluš. We use his experience in economic and financial supervision at our law firm as well. A wide range of our clients will also appreciate the pragmatic nature and insight into the management of companies or entrusted portfolios.

We are rightly proud that one of our exclusive partners in this area is the established company A PLUS a.s. led by internationally experienced real estate professional Patrik Tuza. The know-how and background of this company is a guarantee of the preparation and creation of buildings that arouse not only emotions.

The strong point of a well-coordinated team of designers, economists, project managers and builders is the ability to provide any phase, even the entire turnkey construction from the design part, urban studies with project activities, processing of all permits, to final implementation with the required investment criteria to evaluate the investor’s assets.

Trusts funds

We can create and manage your family property fund for you so that it maximizes its value, fulfils the set goals according to your instructions and thus remains preserved for future generations.

Trust funds are a new tool of Czech law for property management, which are popular abroad, e. g. they have a long tradition in the USA. We will help you create a trust fund and set the rules for its management in the form of the fund’s statute and ensure the day-to-day management of the assets that are brought into the fund, focusing on maximizing the growth in the value of these assets.

Intergenerational transfers of assets

Whether it’s ensuring a smooth transition of business management to your children or the settlement of property rights to your real estate, we will help you not only with the following challenges:

  • distribution of property among children, setting conditions for the transfer of property or for receiving benefits from this property,
  • donation of property during life,
  • intergenerational transfer of companies, exchange of executives, setting of a transitional period, (setting) of the board of directors for the management of a family business.

Territorial self-governments and municipalities

We also offer legal services for local governments and municipalities, either in their representation in disputes or contractual agenda with suppliers and developers, or the preparation of public contracts. We know what problems councils have to face, and we can prepare legal solutions that cover all the risks associated with the specifics of municipalities’ management.

Agriculture and farms

We represent small farmers and small independent farms, helping them to legally set up their operation and sale of BIO products to small customers, supply chains or on-line. We help them to secure leases, purchase land, conclude contracts for machinery or secure seasonal work, such as renting combine harvesters with service for the harvest period.


It is a matter of our heart to provide legal services to winemakers, as we have a positive attitude towards wine and our relatives are actively, long-term and successfully involved in wine production. For winemakers, we provide all matters that are associated not only with the production and sale of wine.

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