M&A, Financing

We can offer to our clients comprehensive advice on mergers, acquisitions, bank and non-bank financing and intercompany loans

Acquisitions and Due Diligence

As part of the preparation of the acquisition itself, we will assist you with the preparation or revision of the Letter of Intent so that it contains favourable conditions and exclusivity for you, during which you can focus on preparing and verifying the goal of your intended acquisition. For this purpose, before concluding the transaction, we will prepare a legal due diligence of the target project, during which we will assess whether the project does not legally show risks and, if necessary, suggest a way to solve them.

Mergers, divisions and other transformations of companies

Based on consultations and evaluation of the plan, we will plan and explain the entire process of transforming your company. After approving such a plan in cooperation with tax and accounting consultants, we will prepare a company transformation project, whether it is a merger, division of companies or a change in the legal form of your business. We will ensure communication with the notary and oversee the preparation of documents and compliance with all legal conditions that must be observed during the conversion (sending creditors, publishing the conversion project, etc.).

Bank financing

We have extensive experience in the preparation, negotiation and conclusion of bank financing methods. We will help you review your bank loan and security documentation (all in LMA format) or we can represent you on the part of the loan applicant in negotiations with the bank in the preparation of personal or investment loans.

Non-bank financing and loans between entrepreneurs

In the area of non-bank financing, we can represent you on the side of the creditor or the debtor. We will prepare or revise all documentation, including security.

We provide all advice on loans or credits between entrepreneurs. We also deal with the issue of shareholder loans or the implementation of additional payments outside the share capital.

We will advise natural persons in the area of consumer credit, in particular we will provide instructions on all obligations to the credit institution arising from the respective credit contract.

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