Management of family asset

Asset management

We are part of an association of companies specializing in long-term asset management. We can advise you on how to properly set up the structure of your assets, provide the necessary contractual arrangements for its management and, in cooperation with companies specializing in financial management, investment and asset management, ensure its long-term management to maximize the value of assets under management.

For this purpose, we cooperate in close cooperation with BullToro s.r.o. and especially with its executive Ing. Miroslav Maluš. We use his experience in economic and financial supervision at our law firm as well. A wide range of our clients will also appreciate the pragmatic nature and insight into the management of companies or entrusted portfolios.

We are rightly proud that one of our exclusive partners in this area is the established company A PLUS a.s. led by internationally experienced real estate professional Patrik Tuza. The know-how and background of this company is a guarantee of the preparation and creation of buildings that arouse not only emotions.

The strong point of a well-coordinated team of designers, economists, project managers and builders is the ability to provide any phase, even the entire turnkey construction from the design part, urban studies with project activities, processing of all permits, to final implementation with the required investment criteria to evaluate the investor’s assets.

Trusts funds

We can create and manage your family property fund for you so that it maximizes its value, fulfils the set goals according to your instructions and thus remains preserved for future generations.

Trust funds are a new tool of Czech law for property management, which are popular abroad, e. g. they have a long tradition in the USA. We will help you create a trust fund and set the rules for its management in the form of the fund’s statute and ensure the day-to-day management of the assets that are brought into the fund, focusing on maximizing the growth in the value of these assets.

Family holding structure

We have many years of experience in creating, structuring and optimizing holding structures. We cooperate with leading Czech tax advisors and other experts necessary for the optimal setting of these structures from a legal and tax point of view.

Creating a holding structure can make it easier for you to manage family businesses, especially in the case of a larger number or the organic growth of your assets.

Intergenerational transfers of assets

Whether it’s ensuring a smooth transition of business management to your children or the settlement of property rights to your real estate, we will help you not only with the following challenges:

  • distribution of property among children, setting conditions for the transfer of property or for receiving benefits from this property,
  • donation of property during life,
  • intergenerational transfer of companies, exchange of executives, setting of a transitional period, (setting) of the board of directors for the management of a family business.

Estate planning (inheritance and settlement of property)

Asset management planning services will be used mainly by clients who have already reached such a stage of their lives, when they want to be sure that their family and affairs will be taken care of exactly according to their ideas. With the knowledge that these matters are already in the hands of experienced professionals, they want to use the results of their previous hard work in building property and spend time with family, traveling or, for example, supervising the activities of their company or public benefit foundation. To give you enough peace of mind and time for the activities you really want to do, and to provide for your family, we are able to arrange a variety of matters in your property management planning that will take away a lot of your worries. What is considered to be estate planning?

  • resolving inheritance and other obligations in the event of the death of a family member,
  • it is not only a settlement of property, but also a settlement of all obligations and activities of the testator – for example, taking care of a child, grandmother, property or a charitable foundation of the testator,
  • asset planning is the process of anticipating, arranging and managing a person’s property during his or her lifetime, in the event that the person becomes incapacitated and also after his or her death. Planning involves referring property to heirs and may include minimizing the donation, limiting the property to be distributed in the inheritance proceedings themselves, and taxes paid in connection with the settlement of property matters;
  • remembers the case of managing a person’s property and affairs during his or her life in various emergencies, such as when he or she becomes infirm, unable to make major decisions or is concerned that the family may not respect his or her wishes.

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