Capital market, bonds

We will help you prepare the issue of bonds or the set up the legal aspects of your activities in the area of investment proposals.

Capital market and investment offering

We offer legal advice to capital market service providers, especially investment funds, investment companies, broker firms and investment intermediaries. We are able to ensure the agenda associated with the establishment of a legal entity, obtaining permission from the capital market supervisory authorities and prepare the issue of investment instruments. In the area of distribution, we provide advice related to the setting up and sustainability of processes associated with the provision of investment services, supply and subscription of investment instruments. We monitor and support trends aimed at creating new investment instruments and online marketing platforms.

Investment funds

We also focus on examination of investment funds for potential investors or setting up the optimal investment platform according to your business plan, so that it meets regulatory requirements and also operational “best practice”. For investment funds, we also provide a regular legal agenda concerning their investment activities, the establishment of relations with the administrator, fund manager or depositary, as well as the negotiation of acquisition or loan agreements for individual projects and related legal services.


We can prepare a bond program for entrepreneurs and companies, as well as ensure the issuance of bonds in paper or book form. We will help you find an investment intermediary to place bonds on the market. We will provide all administration associated with the issuance of bonds and records of their owners.

On the other hand, we can provide advice on the purchase of bonds and risk assessment on the part of the issuer. We can also provide similar advice in the area of purchasing unit certificates in investment funds.

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