Litigation, representation in legal disputes

Although we know from practice that it is best to prevent litigation through consistent prevention, sometimes it is necessary to request the exercise of rights in court or arbitration proceedings. Contact us, we will assess your legal dispute, propose the optimal solution and uncompromisingly exercise and enforce your rights.

Representation of clients in court proceedings

We represent our clients in all types of court proceedings, especially in the areas of civil, commercial and criminal law. Thanks to our rich experience, you can turn to us with confidence, regardless of the subject of the dispute.

We provide representation of clients before all instances of the general court system or the system of administrative courts. It is also a matter of course to represent our clients in proceedings before the Constitutional Court.

Representation before arbitration courts

In addition to representing clients before courts, we are also able to represent our clients before arbitration courts, both in ad hoc proceedings and before permanent arbitration courts, in particular the Arbitration Court at the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic and the Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic.

Enforcement of decisions and execution, insolvency proceedings

We also offer clients the preparation of the necessary proposals to initiate enforcement or execution proceedings and representation in these proceedings. In cooperation with one of the Brno executor’s offices, we are able to find out the property relations of the debtor before the commencement of the execution proceedings and thus ensure that the execution has a hope of success.

We also offer our services in the area of insolvency law, where you can use our services, for example, in the processing of insolvency petitions, applications for receivables in insolvency proceedings or disputes related to ongoing insolvency proceedings.

Representation before foreign courts

Thanks to our abundant contacts abroad, we are also able to ensure your representation in court proceedings conducted abroad. For this we use the services of proven local law firms. Depending on your choice, we are able to either mediate your contact with the chosen law firm, or ensure complete communication for you so that litigation abroad burdens you as little as possible.

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