Investment projects, real estate and development

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of real estate, representation of shopping centres and cooperation with the architectural and development company A PLUS a.s., we can offer you the service related to your real estate project from A to Z.

Due diligence in the field of real estate projects

Before conclusion of the transaction, we will prepare a legal due diligence for you, during which we will assess whether the project does not show legal risks and, if necessary, suggest a way to solve them. We are able to perform these services both in the case of the purchase of the real estate itself (asset deal) and in the case of the purchase of companies (share deal).

We work closely with the architectural, design and development office A PLUS a.s. located in Brno, which is able to process a technical inspection of the acquired real estate for you. Our added value is that we are able to provide our clients with comprehensive advisory services, including both legal and technical assessment of your transaction.


Our specialization is the area of ​​development, in which, as in the case of due diligence, we use close cooperation with our partner A PLUS a.s. Figuratively under one roof, we are therefore able to provide you with the design, architectural and legal services necessary for the implementation and subsequent operation of your development project and prepare a turnkey solution for you.

We will provide you with legal representation in negotiations with the owners on the purchase of land and we will negotiate the wording of the purchase agreements for you, so that you can be sure that your ownership will not be successfully questioned in the future. We are able to represent you in negotiations with professional companies specializing in conducting all construction and environmental surveys, which will determine whether the land does not bear any historical burden, which would make your plan disproportionately expensive.

We have experience in negotiating planning public contracts with municipalities so that the construction can be permitted, or in concluding use rights and agreements or transit agreements necessary for issuing zoning permits, construction conditions agreements and construction permits with neighbours of intended construction plots or location agreements, management of engineering networks and contracts for their connection with suppliers of relevant services.

An important part of the development itself, with which we have extensive experience, is also setting up contractual relationships with future clients, whether they are contracts for future contracts and implementation contracts with future anchor tenants of the building, or with future unit owners, where we are able to set up, in cooperation with the financing institution, respective payments so that it is also possible to finance the construction on an ongoing basis and thus minimize the necessity to invest equity.

Acquisitions in the field of investment projects and real estate transfers

Following the performed legal inspection, we will prepare the contractual documents necessary for the execution of the transaction for you. Regardless of whether it is the purchase of an apartment, a family house or the acquisition of larger real estate units or a business company, we will be happy to arrange for you:

  • elaboration or revision of purchase or donation contracts,
  • cooperation in negotiating and revising loan documentation,
  • revision of security documentation with financing banks,
  • elaboration and submission of relevant proposals for entry in public registers (cadastral office, commercial register).

You can use our experience in this area even if you want to sell your property or project. In this case, we will help you prepare your property for sale, plan the structure of the transaction, gather all the documents you will need for a successful implementation. After that, we will legally represent you with the interested parties during the negotiations.

Construction contracts

We offer complete contractual security for your construction from its beginning to the completion of implementation and, of course, also during the operation itself. Whether it is the elaboration of a work contract with the creator of project documentation or the contractor of the building, the establishment of easements necessary for its use, ensuring technical supervision of the investor or concluding service contracts, we will prepare legal documents necessary for the smooth running of your construction.

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