Comprehensive legal services for entrepreneurs

Together with you, we will set up the legal aspects of your business, so that you have enough time and energy to develop it.

Company law

We offer comprehensive advice to entrepreneurs, who are legal entities, related to ensuring their trouble-free operation. Whether it is the establishment of companies or adjustments in their day-by-day operation, changes in the statutory or other bodies, preparation of general meetings or other issues related to companies, we are ready to provide you with a tailor-made solution.

Contract agenda

We offer a comprehensive adjustment of contractual relations with your suppliers, customers or other contractual partners. We will be happy to prepare sample contracts for you, we will also ensure their adaptation to a specific case. Similarly, we are ready to prepare a revision of the contracts you will receive, so that nothing in your business relationship will surprise you in the future.

We offer also the processing of contracts, general conditions and other documents necessary for setting up a contractual relationship with customers to entrepreneurs that are running an e-shop.

Labour law

We will ensure the optimal setting of employment relationships with your employees. We offer the preparation of employment contracts, agreements on work performed outside the employment relationship, internal regulations or directives. Do you need advice on the scheduling of your employees’ working hours, set the conditions for their work in the home-office mode or properly set the use of their leave? If so, we will be happy to advise you in these (and not only in) these areas of labour law.

Compliance programs and GDPR

We will help you to set up internal processes to comply with the law. After performing a risk analysis, we will set up the necessary preventive mechanisms and internal and external rules of operation of your company so that the operation of your company does not violate legal or ethical standards for which your company could be found responsible, whether in employment, administrative, or even criminal law.

Along with this, we will set up all the processes and documents necessary for your company to comply with data protection legislation, in particular GDPR.

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